Nature Walk Wednesday 19th June 2019

Posted on June 12th, 2019

John Done will lead a nature walk round West Bay and then the Coastal path on Wednesday 19th June.

This walk is in two parts – you can choose to join either or both parts of the walk.

Part 1 – John will set off from the War Memorial at 6.30 pm to check out West Bay.

Part 2 – He will then return to the War Memorial, before heading off at 7.00 pm to the Coastal path.

June 2019 News

Posted on June 12th, 2019

Artists with links to North Queensferry

North Queensferry Heritage Trust presents an exhibition dedicated to the world famous artistic talents of:

J.M.W. Turner who sketched scenes around North Queensferry,
Charles Martin Hardie lived and worked in North Queensferry,
his nephew, Martin Hardie, visited Charles and created images around North Queensferry,
Sir John Lavery a war artist, captured scenes around North Queensferry,
and Terence Cuneo the railway artist, painted the Flying Scotsman on the Forth Bridge

– supported by local artists of today.

We are grateful to the Royal Collection Trust, National Galleries of Scotland, Abbotsford Trust, Cuneo Estate, Imperial War Museum, Science and Society Picture Library, Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, Trustees of the Tate, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Irvine Burns Club, The Royal Caledonian Curling Club and a local sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous.

The exhibition is hosted in the Forth Bridge Heritage Centre at North Queensferry Station and will run until October 2019

Code Competition Winners

We are delighted to announce the four winners of our code-breaking competition.

They are:
Jamie Henshaw from Edinburgh
Jemma McCauley from Edinburgh
Mino Maneshaw from North Queensferry
Walter Allen Griffith from North Berwick

Congratulations – they will each receive a £25 Amazon gift voucher.

The answers were:

1. Signal Flags – enemy in sight action stations
2. Morse Code – the war was over and it only remained for the actors to take their bows to leave the stage and in due course to read their press notices
3. Pig pen code – your country needs them; we will remember them
4. Word search – torpedo
5. number substitution – keep the home fires burning
6. Alphabet reversal – its a long way to Tipperary; pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
7. Arrays of letters – battle cruisers ready for action, guns manned, fire

Fleet Surrender Exhibition now on-line

Our exhibition commemorating the Surrender of the German High Seas Fleet in the River Forth on November 21st 1918 will close at the end of March 2019.

Please send an email to if you would like to see the exhibition in the Railway Station

You can now view an expanded version of the exhibition on-line HERE

This includes all of the printed material from the original exhibition, plus audio recordings and video clips.

The Fortification of the Firth of Forth

While we were working on the Fleet Surrender exhibition, Gordon Barclay very kindly supplied some invaluable material from his research into the Fortifications of the Firth of Forth. The outcome of that work is a new book co-authored with Ron Morris

GORDON J BARCLAY was Principal Inspector and Head of Policy at Historic Scotland. His previous publications include If Hitler Comes: Preparing for Invasion: Scotland 1940 (2013).

RON MORRIS has been involved in the exploration and conservation of the Forth’s defence and natural heritage for many years. His previous publications include Defending St Kilda (2013).

This new book tells the story of the evolution of the defences of the Forth to accommodate the Grand Fleet in World War I, and the re-armament in 1939 at the outbreak of WWII.

It is available to order HERE.

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland who published the book have kindly offered NQHT members a 20% discount and free UK shipping.

Please send an email to NQHT at for the discount code.

Gordon and Ron presented a short lecture on the book at the Archaeological Research in Progress (ARP 2017) national day conference on Saturday 27th May 2017 at the National Museums Scotland auditorium, Edinburgh. You can watch a recording of the lecture HERE

New Virtual Reality Panoramic Tour

Thanks to some amazing work by James Gentles, we now have a 3D panoramic tour of the interior of the light room.

You can find this on the Light Tower menu, under HERITAGE or just click HERE

James has created a Tour of James Clark Maxwell’s House