Community Project

Researching the history of North Queensferry over the past 250 years.

Over the next few years it is expected that North Queensferry will become designated as a World Heritage site. The Forth Rail Bridge and surrounding community areas, both north and south of the bridge, are already placed on the official Unesco tentative list.

The number of visitors to this area is bound to increase as will the request for up to date and historic information. NQHT is probably the organisation best qualified to undertake the necessary research. It is, therefore, very important that a number of enthusiastic volunteers, no previous experience required, are recruited to see the project through to its conclusion. Expert guidance is available to oversee research in order to compile a comprehensive record. Local libraries, museums, churches, housing records etc, together with other government archive sources, are all a source of relevant information. There are likely to be specific categories of interest such as railways, military defences, and local businesses.

Our aim must be to research the important aspects of North Queensferry’s historic past and to produce a Community survey. From this survey an authoritive book may be written and published. This would highlight the historic importance the village has played in Scotland’s story.

If you are interested, would like more details and are able to devote some time in the future to this important project then we should be delighted to hear from you at this time. Please proceed to the Contact us section