The Forth Dimension

Posted on March 16th, 2018

Our next event is coming up shortly – Tuesday 20th March – 7.30pm at the Community Centre.

Miles Oglethorpe will be presenting ‘The Forth Dimension – making our industrial past work for our future’.
Miles works for Historic Environment Scotland and is well known as a good & entertaining speaker.


£2 for members / £3 for non members & tea / coffee will be served.

Life via Bahrain – Tuesday 27th February 2018

Posted on February 24th, 2018

Our first talk of the year is taking place next Tuesday 27th February, at 7.30pm, the NQ Community Centre.

“Life Via Bahrain” – A Talk given by Barbara McKechnie

From 1976 to 1998 Barbara experienced life in the Middle and Far East from Qatar to Hong Kong with 5 other countries in between—some being more of a challenge than others!

Find out what is happening in this picture, taken outside Barbara’s door .

Members £2 / non Members £3 – with refreshments.
We will also be taking 2018 membership renewals at the door.

Events for 2018

Posted on December 22nd, 2017

The NQHT Committee hopes you all have a peaceful Christmas and New Year.
We look forward to seeing you in 2018.

Here is our list of events for 2018.

Saturday 6th January
We begin the New Year with a Nature Walk around the village starting at 10.30am at the War Memorial.

Feb 27th — Barbara McKechnie “Life via Bahrain”
From 1976 to 1998 Barbara experienced life in the Middle and Far East from Qatar to Hong Kong with 5 other countries in between…some more of a challenge than others!’

20th March – Miles Oglethorpe (Head of Industrial Heritage at Historic Environment Scotland)
“The Forth Dimension – making our industrial past work for our future.”

24th April — Sir Geoff Palmer — ”The story of Scotch Whisky”
The story of Scotch Whisky officially started about the time Columbus stumbled on the New World. Barley Malt was, and still is, an important ingredient of Scotch Whisky. This importance is reflected in the politics of the Union of 1707 and in the poetic work of Robert Burns.

22nd May — Miranda Lorraine — ”The Fife Pilgrim Way”
With a total distance of 70 miles, the route will link together many examples of the region’s medieval and pilgrim heritage, North Queensferry being on of the starting points.

16th October — Trevor Kyle (Lyon&Turnbull) — ”North Queensferry Antiques Roadshow”
bring along your antiques and get some expert opinion from Trevor, a professional valuer, on your treasure troves.

Nature Walks with John Done
Saturday 6th January, Saturday 5th May, Wednesday 20th June, Wednesday 5th September

To Be Confirmed

An Arts & Crafts Exhibition evening

An evening with Gael Harrison — local crafter and children’s author

Artline Exhibition (5th/6th May)

Open Doors (September 2018)


the Village Show (8th September)

The Himalayas

Posted on November 18th, 2017

Our Final Event of 2017 – not to be missed!

Other Times – Other Places
The Himalayas
A story of how it was in days gone by, and how it is today?

Presented by Jim Todd and John Clemmens

Jim was created in Calcutta in 1932 and educated at the Mount Hermon School in Darjeeling until 1944

As you all know, John has been a regular visitor to India since 1962. It now feels like going home.
His promise is that YOUR evening will be entertaining with tales of life and missed opportunities with so much else thrown in for pure enjoyment.

Please come along
Tuesday 28th November 2017
Community Centre
19.30 hrs (7.30 pm)

£2 members / £3 non members
refreshments will be served.

Tour of Cultybraggan

Posted on May 28th, 2017

Please find attached our membership renewal letter for 2017.
The letter includes updates on our current projects, a list of our events this year & the renewal form. Please also remember to fill in the Gift Aid form is you are agreeable to this.

We are aiming to organise a tour of Cultybraggan, (more…)

Attic Treasure

Posted on October 24th, 2014

Event Attic Treasure
Date 24th Oct. 2014
Time 7:30 pm

We are delighted that Trevor Kyle, Director of Lyon & Turnbull will join us for an evening of inspecting your “Attic Treasures”.  Trevor specialises in silver and jewellery but comes with a wealth of knowledge about fine arts and antiques. 

For £5 you can bring up to 4 items to be looked over by Trevor.
Refreshments will be served.

Venue North Queensferry Community Centre

From Catwalk to Granny and Back

Posted on November 16th, 2012

Event From Catwalk to Granny and Back
Date 16th Nov. 2012
Time 7:30 pm

A lighthearted look at how Hazel became involved in millinery from sharing her granny’s interest in hats to having her own work modeled on the catwalk. She will bring along samples of her work for people to look at and try on and is happy to comment on hats brought along by the audience.

Presenter: Hazel Kettles

Price: £5.00
£4.00 (members)

Venue North Queensferry Community Centre

Autumn Bird & Nature Walk

Posted on September 15th, 2012

Event Autumn Bird & Nature Walk
Date 15th Sep. 2012
Time 9:00 am

Spot the arrival of the winter migrants and visitors.

Presenter: John Done

Venue War Memorial

Early steamers of the Forth

Posted on January 24th, 2012

Event Early steamers of the Forth
Date 24th Jan. 2012
Time 7:30 pm

A look at the beginning of steamship services in and from the Forth and the history of the “Brilliant” in particular.  Learn things you didn’t know about the dawn of steamship travel.

Presenter: Colin Bain

Price: £3.00
£2.00 (members)

Venue North Queensferry Community Centre

Battle of Inverkeithing & Pitreavie 1651 – Cause & Effect

Posted on November 16th, 2010

Event Battle of Inverkeithing & Pitreavie 1651 – Cause & Effect
Date 16th Nov. 2010
Time 7:30 pm

Some have described the Battle of Inverkeithing and Pitreavie, during which many Scots died, as a minor skirmish but Oliver Cromwell himself described it as “an unspeakable mercy”. Whose description is correct and how important was this battle to British history?

Venue> North Queensferry Community Centre