Greetings from North Queensferry Heritage Trust

and welcome to the new home of our website –

The light tower, main website, and war memorial are all in one place, making it easier for us to maintain, and you to navigate.

Setting up the new web-site is a bit like moving to a new house, which is still being completed by the builders. Each page on the web-site is a room in the house, with the content of each page being the furniture in each room.

On this new web-site, we have flitted most of the old furniture, but some is still in storage. We have added new furniture to some of the old rooms (Ferries and Light Tower Restoration) and we have furnished some brand-new rooms (Maps)

As you look around the web-site you will find some empty, or partially complete pages. We will gradually fill up over these placeholders over the next few months, and will continue to add new pages.

In the meantime, have a wander round the website. You can send feedback, and suggestions for new content to our email address on the About page.